Meet Augie, The English Bulldog

Thanks to all dogs and owners for participating in the Dog Days of Summer contest! With voting finished, we’re happy to announce the winner of the contest is Auggie the Bulldog!

Auggie was born December 1, 2016 in San Bernardino and made his way to his current home in February of 2017.

English Bulldogs have unique personalities and Auggie is no exception. Known to be occasionally stubborn, Auggie’s owners began training early on. Turns out Auggie is quick learner but can still be a little ornery.

Besides being awesome, Auggie likes to spend his free time on trips with his family. He’s been to wineries and is particularly fond of boat rides. Auggie always wears his life jacket on the water because bulldogs don’t swim, they sink. Safety first!

Everywhere he goes, Auggie is sure to draw attention. He always greets new friends with a smile and a wiggle. He also gladly accepts head scratches. Auggie got to be so popular he even has his own Instagram; Auggiebulldoggie. We’re happy to have Auggie as the official Maki mascot for the Dog Days of Summer!

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