Benefits of Regular Air Conditioner Maintenance

Winter is officially behind us and spring is here. With cool temperatures and a decent amount of rainfall so far this year, many people forget about the kind of heat Northern California gets during summer months. For the last 5 months your air conditioner has probably been sitting idly by while the heater does most of the work. 

When the time comes to turn on your A/C, you want to be sure it works. Nothing quite like turning down your thermostat and realizing the air conditioner isn’t working. If you want to avoid a similar mishap, regular air conditioner maintenance provides peace of mind. Here are a few benefits to regularly service your air conditioning system.

Air Conditioner Reliability

This one speaks for itself. When you get an inspection by one of Maki’s licensed technicians, they go through an extensive testing process to determine the performance of your air conditioning system. This inspection will tell you if your system is reliable and the likelihood of a failure during high use in the summer. Maki’s friendly technicians go over your entire air conditioning system, checking for wear and tear on important parts, ensuring you won’t experience a major failure when it matters most.

Fewer Air Conditioner Repairs

When your system is properly maintained, many of the common air conditioner system failures can be avoided. During an air conditioner inspection, Maki’s tech inspects your system for issues that could become bigger problems later on. These smaller repairs during maintenance can save you money on repair bills over the life of your system.

Longer System Life

Over time, many parts of your air conditioner experience a high amount of wear and tear. This wear and tear, particularly on the blower motor, can cause parts to be faulty or perform poorly. When your A/C is regularly maintained, these parts are inspected and fixed, keeping your system functioning at optimum efficiency. This also helps keep your energy bill lower during more extreme temperatures.

Air Conditioner Cleanliness & Safety

During the winter months your A/C probably sat unused, collecting various dirt and debris. This debris can cause problems when the system is used for the first time. If not properly maintained and cleaned, dirt can damage the A/C circuit board, potentially causing major malfunction or fire. Performing maintenance on your A/C also helps with air quality. When a system is cleaned and filters are changed, air quality improves throughout the home.

Don’t wait too late to schedule your air conditioner maintenance. Let one of Maki’s friendly, licensed technicians perform regular maintenance on your system and rest easy knowing the A/C will be keeping you cool all summer long. Use our online contact form below, or message us on Facebook to set up your appointment today!

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