Meet Colfax, The Maki "Shop Dog"

Colfax loves Maki, and Maki loves Colfax. No, not the city; although we do love our neighbors up the hill. Colfax is the official dog of Maki headquarters. But, it wasn’t always such a comfy life for the little shop mascot.

Colfax is a rescue dog. It’s unfortunate someone had to give Colfax up, but that allowed Cheryl and Randy Maki (founders and previous owners) to adopt him, from Angel’s Rescuing Kritters, into a loving forever home. Colfax started visiting Maki’s headquarters, and soon became a fixture for visitors to see (and pet) when they came by.

Since he was a puppy, Colfax has loved to meet and greet folks as they pass through Maki’s headquarter. Colfax is such an integral part of Maki, that when Cheryl and Randy sold the business to Debbie and Kyle Dahl, they requested Colfax get to stay on as an employee after sale. With a face like that, how could we resist?

Every day from 8am until noon, Colfax is dropped off to work his shift as official Maki greeter. He may not be the best at HVAC repair, but he’s great at putting a smile on the face of everyone he interacts with.

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