Meet Lily, The Strong-Willed Chihuahua


This week we’d like to feature a dog who’s got quite the story. Lily lived her life not unlike many Chihuahuas. Warm California days enjoying the good times in Maki air-conditioned bliss. Lily was a cuddly pup without a care in the world. But, as we know, dogs need to occasionally visit the great outdoors. Typically, a trip outside should be business as usual.

Lily started her daily trot down the stairs to the lawn but was grabbed from behind by a much larger dog. The dog tore into Lily’s neck, causing severe skin damage all the way down her back. Lily lost over 25% of her bodyweight from the attack but survived. She was sent home only to be back in the hospital a few days later. Due to the massive injury Lily sustained, multiple surgeries were required to get her back on the long road to recovery.

For six weeks every day was a struggle. But because of her strong will and loving owner, Alice, Lily wouldn’t give up. After being hand fed and receiving plenty of tender love, Lily began to perk up. Eventually Lily’s wounds healed, and she got back to the happy, loving dog she always was. Now, Lily can be found relaxing at home with Alice, living her best life.

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