Meet Moses

Moses was a rescue dog after becoming homeless in the Weimar fire in 2015. He dodged the diligent efforts of Angels Rescuing Kritters for 5 months until finally being caught. After searching for Moses’s owner with no luck, he was put up for adoption.

Debbie Dahl, owner of Maki Heating & Air Conditioning, follows Angels Rescuing Kritters and kept up with his story, even while he was “on the loose” and attempting to be caught. Her and her husband Kyle decided to take Moses in after Suzy, of Angels Rescuing Kritters, explained how finding homes for large dogs is difficult.

After a background check and a home visit, Debbie and Kyle officially adopted Moses on February 12th, 2015.

Now Moses considers himself a man of leisure – spending his days lounging around the home and the Maki office. He’s also quite the lookout dog (as you can see from the picture).

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