Remodeling Your Home? HVAC Information You Need to Know

Looking for “HVAC companies near me” can return a lot of results, but when you need an HVAC unit replacement, an HVAC repair, or a reliable and trusted professional you need to call Maki Electric, Heating and Air!


One particularly important time to hire a professional and experienced HVAC repairman is when remodeling or adding onto your home. There are many considerations you need to know about ahead of time in order to save yourself  money, time, and headache.


Whether you are remodeling your entire home, renovating an attic or basement space, or building on a mother-in-law’s quarters, here are some things that you should definitely consider to help make the process smoother.


Replacing Your Current HVAC System


If you are thinking of remodeling your home or building on an addition, a full HVAC unit replacement might be the best option for you. The thing to consider is if your current system has reached the end of its lifespan and possibly having issues that are costing you a great deal of money. If this is the case, or that time is drawing near based on the age of the unit, it may be more economical to do a full HVAC unit replacement now during the remodel.


Is Your HVAC System Still the Right Size?


Another consideration is if your current system is the right size for the new space. If your current HVAC unit is too small for the newly renovated room, or you are adding on a large addition, it may be favorable over the long run to choose a full HVAC replacement. If it is an option to add the cost of an HVAC unit replacement into the overall home renovation budget, you may be able to get this covered in your home renovation loan if you have one. This can be an effective way to replace your HVAC unit while your house is already undergoing renovations.


Extending or Enhancing your Existing System as a Possibility


If you don’t think you need a full HVAC unit replacement after considering the size of your renovated space and the age of your current HVAC unit, you may simply be able to extend your existing HVAC system to heat or air condition the remodeled room or new house addition.


At Maki Heating and Air, we can send out an HVAC contractor to calculate the size of the area and see if your current HVAC unit has the capacity to heat and cool your new space.


Installing a Mini Split Ductless System


One reason people often choose Maki Electric, Heating and Air when searching for “HVAC companies near me” is that not only do we serve a wide area of customers with exceptional service, but we also have many options that can be beneficial to saving our clients both energy and money.


One of those options is called a mini split ductless heating and air conditioning system. A mini split is just what it sounds like; it’s a small, compact heating and air conditioning unit that is split between different rooms in the house to provide more of a zone heating and cooling system without the need for traditional ducts.


When using a mini split, you are able to heat or cool only the rooms that are being used and will not spend additional energy or waste money by heating or cooling rooms that are not occupied.


This type of system should obviously be a consideration when doing a home addition or remodel because you don’t need ductwork to deliver the hot or cold air and can really customize your HVAC unit based on your needs. Most mini split ductless heating and air conditioning units are fairly straightforward to install and offer higher efficiency than more traditional units.


Why Choose Maki Above the Rest When Remodeling Your Home?


When you Google, “HVAC companies near me,” don’t just choose the first name that pops up; we encourage you to read our reviews at Maki Electric, Heating and Air to see why we are the best choice in the Sacramento Area and surrounding Sierra Nevada foothills. We can provide a full HVAC unit replacement, HVAC repair, unit inspection, or tuneup/cleaning and help you save money, energy, and hassle throughout the renovation process.


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