Should I Service My AC Unit? 4 Common Air Conditioning Questions Answered

We may be having some random cool weather days, but we all know what heat is coming next month. Every year when July rolls around and that sudden temperature spike happens, broken air conditioners become a frequent problem.

This seems to happen on the hottest days, leaving your family stuck without a way of cooling off. With the inevitable heat wave and so many air conditioners malfunctioning, it raises the question of, “Do I need to service my air conditioner?”

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What are the benefits of having my AC serviced?

Many people think getting their air conditioner serviced means some slick technician trying to sell costly repairs, or even worse, total replacement. Truth is, a lot of HVAC problems aren’t that expensive to fix, they just require a skilled technician to recognize the issue.

Some homeowners choose to service their AC in the spring. In most cases, this allows a technician to work on the unit without the interior of the home getting too hot. Getting your AC serviced can prevent most future issues from arising, but it can also help solve problems before they get out of control. Problems that could end up costing you way more in the long run.

What does a Maki AC service consist of?

During the winter and spring seasons, the AC goes largely unused. Most air conditioners accumulate dust and debris that reduces the systems’ ability to perform efficiently; which can lead to increased energy usage and potential failures. During your AC service, a technician will check these potential issues; along with monitoring Freon levels to ensure the system is accurately charged. Your technician will also inspect your duct system to ensure proper air flow and air quality throughout the home.

How often should my AC unit be serviced?

You can get your AC unit serviced any time you’d like. But, we recommend you get your air conditioner serviced once a year; preferably before the start of summer season. This helps to prevent any problems or failures during the hotter months.

What if my AC unit needs to be repaired?

Even the best maintained systems will eventually fail. After years of faithful use, your AC could be on the verge of giving out. It’s at this point home owners must ask themselves, “Do I repair or replace?” This will depend on the age and repairs needed. If you repair an air conditioner, it will definitely be cheaper today. But, you also run the risk of a related or bigger problem arising in the near future. Replacement is more of an investment, but spending money on temporary repairs adds up over time.

Maki’s technicians will help answer any questions you may have about possible repairs or replacement. Because our technicians don’t work on a commission-based pay structure you can rest assured that we are here to work on your behalf. At Maki, we always put our clients’ needs first.

Not sure if your AC unit needs to be serviced? Chat with one of our friendly staff members online or fill out our free contact form to see how we can help you!

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