Should your ductwork be on your spring cleaning list?

Winter is officially over, the sun is out longer, our windows and curtains are open and all of a sudden we can see dust everywhere! Time to spring clean.

A customer recently asked us, “should I put our ducts on the spring cleaning list?” Here is what Cheryl Maki had to say about spring cleaning your home’s ductwork.

cat in duct

“Anyone who has lived in a home over 10 years and has never had their ducts cleaned should consider having it done. Another reason would be if someone in your household has allergies or sensitivities to dust and pollen. Remember when pollen collects on your floor and furniture, it will collect in your ductwork as well. I tell everyone, if they have allergies, pets or are concerned that the air could be cleaner inside their home, then duct cleaning is a relatively inexpensive solution to their concerns. “

“Having their ductwork checked is important as well, particularly if it is under their home. Critters can damage ductwork when they get under your home. They love the warm and/or cool air too and will chew and lay on ductwork for their own comfort. We have found cats are the worse offenders, and there are a lot of feral cats in our area. However, we have found that skunks, raccoons, squirrels, mice, rats, and even snakes can damage ductwork!”

“Here at Maki Heating & Air, we have one of the most complete and professional duct cleaning system in the HVAC industry. It is the AirCare system and it works very well!”

So the answer is Yes! While you are busily dusting off Winter, it makes sense that Spring is the perfect time to get your ducts in order! Give us a call today!

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