Troubleshooting Common AC Problems

If you are having common AC Problems, use this helpful guide to potentially problem solve and relieve your issues this summer.

AC Problem: AC Unit is Running All the Time

An air conditioning unit that runs constantly wastes electricity and money and can wear out faster due to overuse.

Likely Caused By

 One of the probable culprits for an air conditioner that won’t shut off is a faulty thermostat. It can also be caused by a dirty air filter, faulty compressor, or electrical issues.

How to Troubleshoot

Try cleaning or replacing the air filters and shutting off the thermostat fan to see if this shuts off the air conditioner. If these solutions don’t work, contact a professional here at Maki Heating and Air. Typically, these issues are easy and quick to fix with a simple AC repair.

Problem: Refrigerant and/or Water Leaking from Unit

Air conditioners regularly leak a small amount of condensation, but if you start to notice larger puddles of water near your AC unit or colored fluid (refrigerant), this is likely a sign of a bigger problem.

Likely Caused By

Condensation pumps that are faulty or cracked as well as cracked hoses can both cause annoying leaks. Even high quality air conditioners will have connections and lines throughout the unit that break down over time from sun damage and general wear and tear. These can start causing refrigerant to seep out. Drainage pipes that are blocked can also cause water leaks. 

How to Troubleshoot

If you notice water leaking, try unblocking any drainage pipes. For refrigerant leaks, call us at Maki right away so we can find and repair or replace the cracked line or connection. The compressor can be severely damaged by low refrigerant levels, but we can remedy the leaks and top off the refrigerant, saving you from a more costly compressor repair or replacement.

Problem: Short Cycling

Short Cycling is simply the industry term for your air conditioner turning on and off over and over in a short period of time. This can also damage the compressor and waste valuable energy and money.

Likely Caused By

Thermostats that are not calibrated correctly along with dirty air filters can cause short cycling. It can also happen when your air conditioner is too powerful for your home.

How to Troubleshoot

Try cleaning or replacing your air filter, and give us a call for a duct cleaning and thermostat check-up. If you’re replacing your old AC, we can also give you recommendations about the best size HVAC system to get for the size of your home. 

AC Problem: AC is Blowing Out Hot Air

Having hot air blow out of your air conditioner unit is the last thing you want on an already hot summer day, and yet, this is another common problem of faulty air conditioning units. 

Likely Caused By

Hot air blowing out of the AC can have several root causes including a blocked or dirty duct system, debris stuck inside and causing the compressor to get too hot, low refrigerant levels, or dirty air filters.

How to Troubleshoot

Replace air filters and schedule a duct cleaning appointment with one of our friendly AC repairmen here at Maki Electric, Heating, and Air. Professional duct cleaning should be done at least once a year. Before you add refrigerant, make sure there are no leaks where it can seep out.

Problem: AC Won’t Turn On

Having an air conditioner that won’t turn on during a hot summer day is frustrating at best, but it’s generally caused by a few simple things.

Likely Caused By

Loose or damaged wiring, a faulty thermostat, or a tripped circuit breaker can all cause an HVAC unit to fail to turn on. 

How to Troubleshoot

Flipping the circuit breaker will occasionally fix the problem, but if wiring is the issue, you’ll want to call a professional. At Maki Heating and Air we have repairmen and repairwomen with many years of experience and specialized equipment to diagnose electrical issues. 

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