Heater Maintenance & Tune Up

Older, and even new furnaces suffer from typical problems. If you notice your furnace isn’t performing quite as well, or maybe the air blowing out of your vents is cool, it might be time for a heater tune-up. These problems could be caused by many reasons, such as:

  • Debris build-up in igniter tubes, ductwork, and flues
  • Combustion chamber collects soot, causing loss of efficiency
  • Thermostat sensors inaccurately measuring temperature
  • Internal heat exchanger is damaged, causing performance reduction and potential carbon dioxide increase

Regardless of your problem, the specialists at Maki are ready to help. Schedule your appointment today to get started. When your business or family needs a heater tune-up, remember to make it Maki.

Not sure if you need heating services?

Use the quick and easy form below to schedule an appointment for an energy analysis and check-up. We’ll have a technician visit your home, determine how efficiently your heater is performing, and identify ways for you to reduce your monthly heating bill.

Want To Save On Your A/C Services?

We offer our valued customers a worry-free maintenance program that could save hundreds of dollars per year.

Don’t be caught off-guard by an unexpected A/C problem. With Maki’s maintenance program customers receive front of the line service within 48 hours and discounts on air conditioner services.

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When you contact us, one of our friendly technicians will visit your home to serve your needs. Not sure if you need help? We’d still be happy to swing by to give you a check-up on your systems so you can continue to live comfortably – and affordably – in your home.