Air Conditioning Maintenance & Tune Up

AC Maintenance

Have you ever turned on your air conditioner, only to find air coming from the vents is hot? Or maybe left the A/C on for a while, and your house is still warm? Often, old, and even new air conditioning units can lose their effectiveness. A/C units are intricate devices capable of lasting for many years but require routine maintenance to ensure lasting efficiency and effectiveness.

Is your electric bill significantly higher than normal? A/C systems functioning improperly can use far more power than a normal system. In Placer County it can get hot, and most customers find periodic tune-ups can help lower temperature, as well as energy bills. If your air conditioner is still under warranty, the manufacturer may require routine maintenance to maintain the warranty. One of Maki’s friendly experts can help you determine if your warranty requires these regular service checks.

If your A/C unit needs a tune-up, don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment, or give us a call. A licensed HVAC maintenance expert will gladly come take a look when it’s convenient for you. Your air conditioning unit could need multiple services performed, and one of our experts will assist you in determining what services might be necessary. If our technician finds something in need of repair or replacement, they will be sure to educate you on the issue and provide potential solutions.

Customers often comment about their substantially lower electric bill after our licensed technician services an A/C unit. If you think you need a tune-up, call Maki, your neighborhood heating and air conditioning specialists.

Not sure if you need air conditioning services?

Use the quick and easy form below to schedule an appointment for an energy analysis and check-up. We’ll have a technician visit your home, determine how efficiently your air conditioning system is performing, and identify ways for you to reduce your monthly bill.

Want To Save On Your A/C Maintenance?

We offer our valued customers a worry-free maintenance program that could save hundreds of dollars per year.

Don’t be caught off-guard by an unexpected A/C problem. With Maki’s maintenance program customers receive front of the line service within 48 hours and discounts on air conditioner services.

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