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Air quality in your home affects your family’s health and comfort.

Even a well-maintained HVAC system is vulnerable to the elements inside and outside your home or business. Air quality can be affected by many factors such as:

How can you identify poor air quality within your home or business? Does the air have a noticeable odor or flow poorly through the house? Is your house excessively humid? It may be time to contact the indoor air quality service professionals at Maki. Each of our professional HVAC technicians are licensed and able to help you identify potential air quality issues. If you’re suffering from poor air quality within your home or business, give us a call, or schedule your appointment online. For heating and air, make it Maki!

Not sure about your home's air quality?

Use the quick and easy form below to schedule an appointment for an air quality check-up. We’ll have a technician visit your home, determine the quality of your home’s air, and identify ways to improve the health and comfort of you and your family.

Want To Save On Your HVAC Maintenance?

We offer our valued customers a worry-free maintenance program that could save hundreds of dollars per year.

Don’t be caught off-guard by an unexpected air quality problem. With Maki’s maintenance program customers receive front of the line service within 48 hours and discounts on air conditioner services.

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