HVAC in Forest Hill CA

Serving Foresthill Since 1984

Foresthill is an area that bridges the gap between past and present. Home to historical mining camps and quaint miner-style lodging, Forest Hill offers any level of history fan a quality look into life before 1900. But, Forest Hill isn’t just a historical landmark. Sitting on a ridge overlooking the American River, Forest Hill offers visitors and residents spectacular views, plentiful amenities, and access to the highest bridge in California. Maki understands the value history offers. For over 30 years, Maki has been helping residents of Forest Hill with all their HVAC needs. Give us a call or schedule your appointment online to see how Maki can serve you.

AC Repair & Heater Repair in Forest Hill CA

While regular scheduled maintenance keeps most machines running smoothly, sometimes repairs are needed. Whether it’s limited air flow from the furnace, or an unpleasant odor coming from the A/C unit; one of Maki’s certified technicians can help identify the problem and suggest a suitable repair.

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AC & Heater Maintenance

If your air conditioner or furnace is continually running, it may be time for a tune up. Don’t leave your family’s comfort up to chance. A licensed Maki technician can perform scheduled check ups and maintenance to ensure your HVAC is always working at its best.

HVAC Maintenance Program

We offer our valued customers a worry-free maintenance program that could save hundreds of dollars per year. Click the button below to find out more!

AC & Heater Installation

When repairing a furnace or A/C unit becomes too costly, replacement may be the best option. One of Maki’s friendly representatives will be there to answer any questions you may have about installing a new HVAC system. We work hard to provide you with the best deal and address all your concerns.

Duct Cleaning in Foresthill

Keeping air ducts clean and improving indoor air quality reduces heating and cooling costs. A professional technician from Maki can assist you with maintaining the air you and your family breathe. Maki also offers whole-home fan services, helping home owners get the most out of their money.