3 Reasons to Avoid Using Space Heaters

Space heaters are certainly helpful in some situations, but they’re not the best solution for regular use. If your home’s main source of heating is a fireplace you may be tempted to forgo a whole-house heating system and use space heaters to assist. However, many people question the safety and cost of running a portable heating device. 


Here are a few things to think about when you reach to turn on a space heater. 


Energy Efficiency


The electricity needed to run a space heater might be more than you’d think. Most heaters are relatively small in size, but they do require about 1.5 kilowatts of power per hour on average. Taking into account that a portable heater will need to be on for hours each day to keep the chill away, the cost of electricity on your monthly bill can add up fast. 


In contrast, a well-maintained and efficient furnace will warm your entire household well – it won’t have to constantly be running to keep the air warm. 


Also, take into consideration that you don’t want the water pipes in your home to freeze and break. Maintaining a baseline temperature will help to avoid costly damage from frozen pipes. Depending on the outside weather running a space heater or two may not be sufficient. 


If you will be traveling this winter we suggest using a smart thermostat so you can control the temperature while you are away or ask a trusted friend to watch over your home. 


The Size of Your Home


While space heaters can provide warmth, they are not equipped to raise the temperature in an area that’s any larger than a small room. Step outside of that small room and you’ll be instantly reminded of how cold the weather is! 


To heat your home only using space heaters, you would have to place a few of them throughout different rooms – which can not only rack up your utility bill, it causes safety concerns. Often, the little amount of warmth added to a home from one (or even two) portable heaters is not worth the cost in electricity or risk of safety. 


Safety First


Safety should be a primary consideration for every household. Unfortunately, some space heaters have caused sizable damage to homes. Being aware and monitoring the portable heater can help avoid disasters such as a house fire. 


Here are a few safety precautions to be aware of if you occasionally use a portable heater. 


  • Never leave the space heater unattended – they can have electrical issues which can cause a fire
  • Never plug an electric heater into an extension cord or power strip 
  • Keep a boundary around the heater, especially if you have children as pets – the surface can become extremely hot 
  • Make sure there is open space around the heater – no paper or other combustibles within range 
  • Do not set anything on top of a space heater 
  • Do not allow a portable heater to be knocked over
  • Do not use an electric heater if the cord or plug are damaged
  • Do no overuse a portable heater 
  • Read the instructions from the manufacturer and follow all of their prompts 


Or – you can rely on a home heating system installed by HVAC experts to warm your home and not have to worry about these safety concerns. 


Heat Your Home Well


There’s no need to depend on portable heaters to warm your home. A professionally installed and maintained furnace is the safest, most energy efficient way to heat your entire home through the winter. 


Bring comfort and warmth to your home this winter by calling Maki Heating and Air for a whole-house furnace installation or to inspect and maintain your existing heater. A little maintenance can go a long way in preventing issues when the weather is coldest. 


Call us today at (530) 885-3449 or (916) 782-9242 and stay warm this winter! 


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