Whole House Fan Benefits

Your HVAC system is running smoothly. A Maki technician came out to inspect the AC and found that it’s working properly. Only problem is, your AC seems to be running all the time.

With the weather being so hot, it’s no surprise your AC is frequently on. But, what if there was a way to reduce how hard your AC was working?

One quick trip to your attic will remind you how hot it can get up there. Even with gable vents, most attics are around 30 degrees hotter than the inside of the home. So if it’s 80° in your house, it could be over 100 in your attic after a long, hot day!

Attics tend to hold this heat inside, even as temperatures outside drop in the evening. So when the AC cools your home in the evening, it’s still fighting against all that heat trapped in the attic. This forces your AC to work significantly harder, putting unnecessary wear on the unit; potentially causing you repair problems later in time.

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Best Whole House Fan

This is where we introduce the QuietCool whole house fan. When people think of “whole house fan” they think of those old, monstrous metal boxes that sound like a helicopter is in your house. Whole house fans of the past were large, noisy, and very inefficient. QuietCool saw problem this and designed their improved whole house fan.

With this improved design, a Maki installed QuietCool whole house fan can reduce average electric bills by 30%-40% during the summer! Not only are these fans efficient, they’re also quiet. Average whole house fans operate between 80-90db; while a QuietCool whole house fan operates at 40-50db. That’s actually less noise than your indoor fan motor!

Powerful & Efficient Whole House Fans

Don’t let the QuietCool’s whisper quiet performance fool you. 

When properly installed, whole house fans circulate all the air in your home every 5 minutes; pushing out that warm, trapped air in the attic as it draws in fresh, cooler air through the windows.

Because it’s such an energy efficient item, a Maki whole house fan installation qualifies for many residential energy efficiency rebate programs. Utility companies such as Roseville Electric, Smud, and PG&E offer these programs as incentive to homeowners as a means of reducing energy consumption. Not only are you saving money, but you’re helping reduce energy consumption

The perks are stacking up. We’ve established that a Maki installed whole house fan is: 

Now that you know the benefits of a Maki installed whole house fan, you’re probably curious about what to do next. Maki offers a free evaluation to see if your home could qualify. One of our certified technicians will come out to your home and help determine if your attic is compatible with our QuietCool whole house fans. If you decide to purchase a whole house fan from Maki, the installation process usually takes half a day, and you start saving on your electric bill immediately!

Send us a message below, or give us a call today to get started! Your cooler days can start sooner with a QuietCool whole house fan from Maki!

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