Burning Smell When the Heater Kicks On? What it Means and When to Worry.

While it can be alarming, a burning smell when your heater kicks on is a very common problem, experienced by many people. Typically the issue that is causing the burning smell can come from one of four common issues and can be resolved by having an HVAC repairman perform a furnace repair, and in rare cases a replacement.

When you contact Maki Heating and Air our HVAC repairman will come to you to first diagnose the problem and then provide you an estimate to fix it. In most cases, a simple furnace repair is all that is needed to solve these common problems that create a burning smell.


Potential Problem #1: Dirty Air Vents and Ducts

Even though many people know that they should clean or change their air filters regularly, it is  less common knowledge that the ventilation system in furnaces and AC units get dusty as well. Dusty air vents and ducts can cause a burning smell when you turn on the furnace and this is one of the top reasons people smell the odor in the first place.

If you have major cleaning or renovation done to your home or have recently had construction work performed, you may have excess dust in your system. Dusty air vents and ductwork can also occur just from regular use, and if not cleaned yearly, can start causing buildup. The built-up dust is what starts to burn and produces the less than desirable smell that fills your home.

A Maki Heating and Air, an HVAC repairman can easily come out and do a thorough cleaning and inspection of your unit. Oftentimes dirty ducts are all that is causing the issue.


Potential Problem #2: Clogged or Dirty Air Filters

A simple thing you can do yourself if you smell burning coming from your HVAC unit is to make sure that your air filters are unclogged. If air filters are blocked with dirt, leaves, lint, or debris, the air blowing through the vents can begin to cause a burning smell.

Even though air filters are unlikely to cause a fire, dirty ones can pose serious health concerns over time if not taken care of since the air being blown into your home can be contaminated.


Potential Problem #3: Electrical Issues

If you are smelling a burning odor, an electrical problem within your HVAC unit can be a more serious concern. If you can identify that the burning smell is from specific wiring or a particular electrical source, turn off the unit immediately and call us at Maki Electric, Heating and Air at (530) 885-3449 or (916) 782-9242. We will send an HVAC repairman out to you as soon as possible to diagnose the issue and give an estimate for furnace repair.

Common electrical problems can arise from a variety of sources including faulty wiring (which can cause a fire), rodents or other pests chewing through the wires, improper installation, or just general wear and tear. Because electricity is dangerous and complex, it should only be handled by a professional.


Potential Problem #4: Foreign Objects and Debris

Just like your filters, air vents can become clogged with dust. It is not unusual to have actual debris causing a burning smell as well. Children’s toys, pet hair, or other small objects can get sucked into the air vents if small enough. It is always a great idea to check for any foreign objects or debris that could be clogging vents and causing a burning smell and safety hazard.


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At Maki Heating and Air Conditioning, we offer all kinds of services from a simple furnace repair to a full HVAC replacement. When our HVAC repairman shows up at your house, he will work with you to understand the problem and get it evaluated and corrected quickly, affordably and easily. Make it Maki and we will make sure you are a safe, happy, and satisfied customer!


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