Clean Your Coils Yourself or Hire an HVAC Repairman?

At Maki Electric, Heating and Air, we always make it a priority to provide our clients with both impeccable service and important knowledge to maintain their HVAC units, save money, and save energy along the way.


Why Think About Air Conditioning Repair in Winter?


Even though it’s winter time, it is important for homeowners to begin thinking about spring cleaning, which includes important appliances like your water heater and your HVAC unit. In fact, the winter off-season is a great time to clean your coils yourself or hire a certified HVAC repairman to do it for you, as it is a slower time for air conditioning repair services.


Coil Cleaning and Air Conditioning Repair


If you choose to have an HVAC repairman from Maki Electric, Heating, and Air come out to your home, not only can we clean your coils for you, but we can also do a full HVAC unit inspection to make sure you don’t need any air conditioning repair services. We will check each part of your HVAC system to ensure everything is up and running smoothly for the impending warmer weather.


Why Clean Your Coils in the First Place?


Cleaning the coils in your air conditioner is essential to the long-term health and safe operation of the system. Just like performing maintenance on your car or other appliances in your home, you need to perform proper cleaning and maintenance on your HVAC unit as well in order to extend its life and help it to function efficiently.


The more often and thoroughly you clean your air conditioning coils, ducts, and other important HVAC elements, the better and more efficiently your air conditioner and furnace will be able to work for the long-haul.


Different Types of Coils


There are several different types of coils, depending upon which type of HVAC unit you have. If it is a mini split system or other indoor HVAC unit there is something called the evaporator coil which is also known as the cooling coil. Its job is to remove heat from the air indoors so the fan can pump in fresh, cold air to cool the home.


In an outdoor unit, there is something called the condenser coil, and many of those are made out of copper tubing. The condenser coil releases the captured heat back to the outdoors. Both indoor and outdoor coils are important to keep clean in order to keep the HVAC system working at peak efficiency which of course, saves you both money and energy.


Cleaning the Coils Yourself or Hiring an HVAC Repairman?


It is possible to clean your coils yourself, but we’d only recommend doing so if you are experienced taking apart and reassembling an HVAC system and know exactly where to find them and how to clean them without damaging the unit. It is usually much less time consuming to have a professional HVAC repairman do it for you however.


Our air conditioning repair services include cleaning and maintenance, and at Maki Heating and Air Conditioning we always prioritize friendly customer service and competitive pricing to best meet our clients’ needs.


HVAC Coil Cleaning with Inspection to Ward off Potential Problems


While we are cleaning your coils, we can also clean your duct system and take care of any air conditioning repair needs that are found. A regular air conditioning inspection by a certified HVAC repairman can also alert you to any small problems that can be fixed now before they become big problems later, saving you time, headache, and money.


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