Conserving Heat in the Winter While Preparing Your HVAC Unit for Spring

Conserving heat in the Winter while preparing Your HVAC unit for Spring should be on your list of to do’s! Your HVAC unit continues to work hard with many chilly days and cold nights still requiring the heater. Yet, with warmer days on the horizon, soon the air conditioner will be asked to emerge from hibernation to start doing its job as well.

At Maki Electric, Heating, and Air we want to help you prepare for the transition of the seasons by helping you to keep your energy bill low and conserve heat through the end of winter while making sure your air conditioner is ready for spring with some basic HVAC maintenance.


How to Conserve Heat and Save on and Your Energy Bill

Conserving heat in the winter while preparing your HVAC unit for Spring is a smart idea with natural gas prices as high as they are. It’s easy to panic when you see your utility bill every month, and some people resort to using their heater less frequently thus sacrificing their comfort. There are many ways you can conserve the heat in your home however, and one of them is through proper HVAC maintenance.

Without regular HVAC maintenance, it is common for there to be many energy wasting loopholes that people are not aware of. Whether you have dirty air vents, air filters that need replacing, coils that need cleaning, or clogged duct systems, many different small issues can compound to create an inefficient HVAC unit.

When your heater is operating inefficiently, that means it must kick on more frequently and work harder to heat your home. This leads to increased cost since you are using more energy. By having regular HVAC maintenance and check-ups on your unit, you can keep everything in tip-top shape for your heater to run efficiently, lowering your energy bill in the process. Regular HVAC maintenance and inspection is also an excellent way to catch any major furnace issues early and prevent costly HVAC repair.


Add Insulation and Seal Up Energy Wasting Leaks

You can conserve the valuable heat in your home in the wintertime by looking for any drafty areas in your house and patching up leaks. Check around door frames, window seams, and the sealed areas around doggie doors and sliding glass door inserts, and then patch up any leaks using caulking or weatherstripping.

Adding extra insulation, especially in your attic, can help trap the heat that rises, keeping it within your home and preventing it from escaping to the outdoors.


Prepare for Spring with an Inspection and HVAC Maintenance from Maki

At Maki Electric, Heating, and Air Conditioning we believe in preventative HVAC maintenance, so that when you do need an HVAC repair, we catch it early and help save you valuable time and money. Getting ready for spring means your air conditioner will be getting ready to work hard to cool your home, and you want to make sure it is clean and in good working order for a smooth transition to warm weather.

We can offer the following HVAC repair and HVAC maintenance services among others, to help you prepare your home for spring weather:


  • Full HVAC inspection and cleaning
  • Cleaning of coils
  • Cleaning and patching duct systems
  • Replacement of air filters
  • Installation of a smart thermostat to help save energy and money
  • HVAC unit and thermostat repair or replacement


During the inspection, if we find an HVAC repair that is needed, we will always give you an estimate and allow you to make a decision before starting the work. We will then recommend the best options to provide a solution for your system’s problem without jumping right to a full HVAC replacement.

With proper HVAC maintenance, more often than not, a furnace and air conditioner can last for over a decade, and when it is time for a full replacement, Maki Heating and Air can help you make the best decision about which size and model to choose to accommodate the needs of your home.


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