Four Simple Steps to Test Your Home’s Air Quality

At Maki Electric, Heating and Air we are HVAC experts, and we know how much indoor air quality can affect the health and overall well-being of you and your family members. Luckily, it’s simple to test the air quality in your house to make sure everyone can breathe easy knowing it is safe to do so!

There are a wide variety of household pollutants that can come from everywhere whether it be the construction of new homes, the use of adhesives and paints, mold buildup, indoor and outdoor allergens, mildew, and lack of proper filters and ventilation. When you have clean air circulating in your home you are protected from breathing in particulates including pollen, dust, pet dander, and even carcinogens that can cause illness or permanently damage your health. 

How To Get Cleaner Air In 4 Steps

There are many clear indications that your home has poor air quality including condensation between window panes and on walls, spots of mold, unusual odors including those of pollutants or mildew, outdated ventilation systems and signs of respiratory issues that come on after moving into a home that is noticeably lessened when spending time in a different environment. 

At Maki Heating and Air, we recommend four simple steps to make sure the air inside your home is clean and safe to breathe. 

#1 Test Your Home for Mold

You can purchase a simple surface swab mold test from the hardware store and usually the results can be determined within a few minutes. If you need a more accurate sample of what exact type of mold you’re dealing with you can buy a more specific test kit and send a sample from your home to a lab to be analyzed. 

#2 Purchase an Indoor Air Quality Monitor

Most monitors measure the room’s temperature, and humidity, and some detect the presence and levels of harmful gases such as radon and carbon monoxide. We recommend choosing a monitor that detects not only the pollutant level in general but can also identify each different type of pollutant in the air.

#3 Install Plug-in or Battery Operated Carbon Monoxide Detectors and Radon Detectors

These start measuring levels of the dangerous gasses in the air shortly after installation and can give you average radon levels over time and detect poisonous carbon monoxide (which is especially dangerous because it is odorless). 

If you have a two-story home don’t forget to purchase carbon monoxide and radon detectors for each floor. They can go in the same area you typically put a smoke detector such as right outside the bedrooms, in the hallways, or in the kitchen, and make sure not to put them near a fireplace to get false results.

#4 Invest in an Air Purifier with Pollutant Detection

Many popular air purifier models on the market today have the ability to detect pollutants in the air and provide a reading of the contaminant level. Some use a screen display while others have color-changing lights that vary depending on the contamination level of the air picked up by the sensors in the machine. 

We recommend these types of pollutant detection purifiers as they have clear visuals to help you keep a constant eye on the indoor air quality and can also work to purify it for you while monitoring. 

Allow Maki Heating and Air to Help!

At Maki Heating and Air we can help clean your HVAC unit, perform ventilation system repairs or replacements, and make sure filters are cleaned and systems are working properly. Our ultimate goal is always to provide a safe, temperature-controlled environment for your home and improve the health and wellbeing of those you care about most. Call us today to schedule an appointment to assess the air quality of your home at (530) 885-3449.


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