Get Your Home Ready for Summer!

With summer right around the corner Maki Electric, Heating, and Air wants to help make sure your season is cool and comfortable both indoors and out! Follow our handy guide to keep you and your family happy throughout the hot weather. 

#1: Prepare Your Patio: 

Summertime brings hot days and warm nights, the perfect time to get outside and enjoy backyard barbecues, swimming pools, and outdoor movie nights. There are many things you can do to make your backyard or patio space a cool and relaxing environment even during the hottest months. 

Misters are a great way to cool down your patio space, and they generally help to take the temperature down between five and ten degrees when placed in the shade. Misting fans are also available for when you want to combine cool spray and increased air flow. Simply plug the misting fan into the wall and connect to a hose to blow misty spray across your outdoor lounging area and keep everybody chilled out on hot days. 

Misters can also be convenient ways to keep pets cool that have to stay outdoors during the hottest parts of the day. Adding misters above seating areas, whether attached to a pergola or fence, is a simple way to go about it, but if you have pets and little ones around make sure any electrical cords from misting fans are safely elevated above the ground to avoid any danger. 

#2 Outdoor Evaporative Coolers:

Many people think of air conditioning units as only being effective inside the house, but there are plenty of times when evaporative coolers are extremely beneficial in garages, barns, potting sheds, or any place where animals or humans are spending significant amounts of time outdoors in the heat. 

Evaporative coolers range between $100 to over $1000 and can cool anywhere from a small patio space to an entire large shop or barn. They use water and fan blades to create cool, moist air that they then blow into the environment; this can significantly reduce temperatures and reduce the risk of heat stroke or heat exhaustion. 

Some evaporative coolers have water reservoirs that allow one to pour water directly into the tank, while others have garden hose connector ports to easily connect a hose and have it run all day long without the fear of running out of water. 

Many evaporated coolers also have settings that allow you to program them to run on a timer or to keep the temperature at a certain level throughout the day. These can be especially beneficial for outdoor areas that can’t be cooled by traditional air conditioning units. 

It’s always a good idea to purchase the warranty that goes along with your evaporative cooler as they will sometimes need cleaning and repairs due to being an outside appliance and having sun damage and general wear and tear. If a warranty is offered, choose the one that provides the greatest coverage.

#3. Get an Air Conditioner Tuneup: 

At Maki Heating and Air we believe the best thing you can do to prepare the indoors for the upcoming hot summer months is to get your air conditioner inspected and get an air conditioning unit cleaning performed by our certified technicians. We are able to clean filters, ducts, perform routine maintenance, and make sure your air conditioner is ready to go so that you don’t suffer the terrible fate of waking up on a 100° day with a broken unit.

We recommend everyone have their air conditioner serviced at least once in the months before summer hits to avoid costly repairs later. If you have mini split units throughout your home, we can also check each one of them individually to make sure they are functioning efficiently; this will save you both energy and money in the months when you will be running your system the most.

Work With Maki Heating and Air

At Maki Electric, Heating, and Air we can perform general HVAC maintenance, air conditioning tuneups, furnace repairs, install smart thermostats to save you energy, and help you with tips to reduce your heating and air conditioning bill.

We want to help you stay cool and happy this summer with comfortable spaces both inside and outside your home. Give us a call at (530) 885-3449 to see how we can help you prepare for the impending hot months. Our air conditioning repair technicians are always available to assist you with any needs you may have, but contacting us early before the summer rush is a great way to make sure you are ahead of the curve and have all systems working properly before the intense heat arrives. Maki Heating and Air services the greater Sacramento Area and the surrounding Sierra Nevada foothills, and we can’t wait to make you a part of our family!


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