Meet Teddy Pawsevelt

Meet Maki’s next Summer Dog, Teddy Pawsevelt! 

He joined his fur-ever dog mom a few days before Valentine’s Day this year. This little cuddle bug was full of energy and unfortunately, he was returned to the shelter twice! Despite this, he never stopped loving humans and continues to greet everyone with a smile and a wagging tail. He’ll do just about anything for a belly rub, and tends to nudge anyone’s hand for a head scratch.

Teddy enjoys puppy parkouring around the back yard, as well as puppy play dates. He spends a good amount of time with his cousins, Franklin and Elenor Pawsevelt. He loves to play chase and he is beginning to love tug-a-war. Most importantly, he loves squeaky plush toys.

Teddy also enjoys camping with his humans. Most recently he went to the eastern Sierra Nevada’s and Mono Lake. He’s perfectly content being your companion for the day.

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