When Deep Cleaning Your Home, Don’t Forget the HVAC System!

Keeping your home’s heating and air conditioning system properly cleaned is one of the easiest things you can do to promote energy savings and increase indoor air quality. 

At Maki Energy, Heating, and Air Conditioning, we recommend scheduling an HVAC inspection at least once a year as part of your home maintenance schedule. The benefits of enhanced indoor air quality and energy savings will bring you and your family peace of mind and contribute to the health and safety of your home. 

HVAC Inspection Process and Benefits

When you call a random HVAC company to request an ac repairman you’re never sure who will show up. Our friendly technicians at Maki arrive with the aim to provide service with a smile! To inspect your heat and air conditioning system, they will begin by doing a thorough evaluation of each system component. They will look to see if the HVAC performance is at all compromised by a buildup of contamination and will also determine if accumulation of particles (like dust, dirt, allergens) and microbial growth are significant enough to warrant mechanical cleaning. In addition to cleaning the hvac ducts, they will also test the structural soundness of the system.

Our systems inspectors have been through a rigorous training process and are certified by NADCA through their Certified Ventilation Inspector program (or CVI). This means they are trained based on EPA standards and look for integrity of the system structure, microbial contamination, and any excess moisture lurking where it shouldn’t be. 

Increasing Air Quality

One of the benefits of having an HVAC inspection and making sure your unit is cleaned regularly is that a clean system vastly improves the air quality in your home, filtering out pet dander, dust, chemicals, and allergens that would otherwise be circulated back into your home. If allowed to recirculate, these particles eventually cause problematic buildup in the ducts. Over time, if not cleaned sufficiently, dirty ductwork can cause increased health issues for people who already suffer from chronic problems like asthma, environmental allergies, or certain auto-immune disorders. 

By hiring professional inspectors who can do a thorough mechanical cleaning, you will reduce the contaminants entering your home and have cleaner, healthier air circulating.

Energy Savings 

Even though filters are used in typical heating and air conditioning systems, they can’t prevent buildup from happening in the ductwork entirely. This unclean environment eventually shortens the life of  heating and air units and causes them to be less energy efficient. On average, the US Department of Energy estimates that somewhere between 25 and 40 percent of energy is wasted if an HVAC system is significantly contaminated. Wasted energy means wasted money, so it is well worth the cost of cleaning ac ducts annually to keep your unit running efficiently for years to come. 

Restoration Process Benefits

Another benefit to having your heating and air unit cleaned is that mechanical cleaning is required before any restoration of HVAC components can take place. Restoration includes resurfacing, repair, or replacement of surfaces that come into contact with the system’s airstream. If any parts are found to be faulty or not up to industry standards during the cleaning inspection, they will be recommended for restoration and/or replacement to ensure your unit stays up to industry safety standards. 

Additionally, if any components of the HVAC system were involved in disasters such as floods or fires or experienced significant smoke or water-damage, they must go through the restoration process to see if they can be safely restored or if a new HVAC system is needed.

While searching every nook and cranny of an HVAC system to make sure it’s clean and sanitary may seem like a daunting task, that is exactly what our team at Maki Heating and Air is trained for. It is both our responsibility and privilege to help keep families in our community comfortable and safe by providing the best heating and air conditioner service in the area. When you think of Auburn HVAC, think Maki! Call us today to schedule your system’s cleaning. (530) 885-3449


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