Why Your Heating System Needs Annual Tune Ups

The days of open windows and evening barbecues are quickly fading away for the year. When you woke up this morning, you might have noticed your house was a bit colder than usual. As winter approaches and temperature drops, we find ourselves reaching for that thermostat; cranking up the heat to make our homes cozy again.

Heating Tune Up Special

All too often our heaters go unchecked. Year after year we simply expect it to work. What we don’t take into consideration are all the random things that can happen when our heaters aren’t being used. That’s why we’ve decided to offer our customers a special deal. We’re offering a $59 Heater Tune-Up and Duct Inspection. This offer allows us to inspect your heating system and ductwork to ensure its properly functioning. A Maki certified tech will talk with you to figure out what parts of your home are not heating properly, if your heating bills have been higher than usual, or if airflow from ductwork has been limited. We want to know exactly what’s going on so we can best serve the customer. During our tuneup and inspection one of our fully licensed technicians (meet our techs!) will put your heating system through rigorous testing to make sure it’s performing correctly. Our HVAC technician will also inspect the ductwork of your home.

Common Heating System Challenges

During our thousands of tuneups and inspections, we’ve come across a few common challenges with heating systems. Most folks in the Foothills use propane systems in their homes. Propane systems run on 3 times as much fuel as natural gas, burn hotter in a colder climate, and put more stress on your heating system. Propane systems also deteriorate at a faster rate than other systems because it gets hot, turns off, collects condensation, and repeats this process throughout the cold season. This can cause safety issues, so during our checkup we inspect every part of the propane delivery system to ensure efficiency and safety. One of the most frequent challenges we run into during a checkup is dirt build up on the supply coils; and this reduces airflow from the heating system into your home.

Importance Of A Duct Inspection

The Duct Inspection is a critical part of our tuneup and inspection process. Our HVAC tech will check for pinched connections or improperly sealed ducting, all while looking out for unwanted guest that have made a home in your ductwork. Rodents and pests often find their way near heating systems or ducting, causing potential damage (or bad smells) for homeowners. Maki’s licensed technicians will locate these issues and inform the homeowner of potential resolution.

Save Money With Annual Heating System Tune Ups

Don’t go another year without having your heating system tuned up and ductwork inspected. A damaged or inefficient system could be costing you money and comfort during these colder months; and eventually you’ll need a heating repair without annual tune ups. If you want to take advantage of this limited time offer, fill out our free contact form below, or give us a call. We’d love to set up a time for one of our friendly technicians to come out to your home. 

And because our techs don’t work on commission, you can trust they will provide honest, helpful answers to your heating challenges.

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