Whole House Fan FAQ

We get calls every day about our whole house fans. Customers are curious about what whole house fans we have, what the fans are capable of, and if their house is compatible. To provide some help for these inquiries, we’ve answered some of the typical questions we get regarding our wonderful whole house fans.

What Is A Whole House Fan?

A whole house fan is a fan installed in the home that uses outside air being pulled through the windows of the home and pressurizes and cools the attic to eliminate the load on the home.

How Do Whole House Fans Work?

Operating a whole house fan is a breeze! To use our energy efficient whole house fans, just open a few windows and turn the system on. You will notice immediate cooling in the home as the air passes and then your attic will be flushed of all of its heat as well to eliminate the need to run ac in the evening.

Are There Different Whole House Fan Sizes? What Size Do I Need?

Maki installs highly efficient QuietCool whole house fans to quickly cool your home, but the fan still needs to be properly sized. We use a CFM calculator, along with other factors, to determine what size whole house fan will perform optimally in your home. To get help calculating what fan size you need, contact us for a free estimate.

What Are The Benefits Of A Whole House Fan?

Some of the many benefits of whole house fans include lower electric bill and improved indoor air quality. To read more, jump over to our whole house fan benefits blog!

Most Whole House Fans Are Noisy. Is The QuietCool Whole house Fan Noisy?

QuietCool whole house fans have a smooth, ultra-quiet operating noise level of 40-50db. That’s even less noise than your indoor fan motor on some homes! Other attic whole house fans can be upwards up 80-90db.

How Do I Know If My Home Is Compatible With A Whole House Fan?

There are many factors that determine if a home qualifies for a whole house fan. Attic space and ventilation are just some things to be considered when considering a whole house fan. The best way of determining your compatibility is to get a free evaluation from one of Maki’s certified, professionally trained consultants. Our friendly Maki consultant will inform you of the necessary steps and answer any questions you may have about whole house fans.

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